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Rothesay Cinemas & Theatres
Photos of Rothesay buildings circa 1986 courtesy of Des Gorra

Regal Cinema

Opened 1938; closed 1976. Bingo; now demolished.

Winter Gardens

Built in 1924 to enclose an open-air amphitheatre; used as a variety theatre.
Closed 1971; restored in the 1990s. Now a small cinema (97 seats), restaurant and tourist facilities.


Opened 1930s; now bingo and flats.

East Princes St

Entered through central section. Opened 1913 behind old Rothesay Public Hall (1879). Bingo from 1963.
Reopened for summer cinema season, 1972. Destroyed by landslide, 1973. Tenement frontage remains.
Photo courtesy Norrie Mcnamee, c1996


Not a cinema, but some glorious 1930s architecture!
Website for the building is

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