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Kings/ABC/Cannon/MGM/ABC Cinema, Titchfield Street
<Photographs courtesy of Graham Kelly>

Opened 1904, as King's Theatre.
Rebuilt as cinema in 1937. Interior destroyed by fire May 1975. Closed as cinema in 1999.
Currently empty.
Additional picture here.
Photo as a Cannon cinema from 1993 here, courtesy Norrie Mcnamee.

Odeon Cinemas
<Photographs courtesy of Graham Kelly>

Opened in 1998; 1900 seats.

George, West Street
<Photographs courtesy of Gary Painter>

Currently used as nightclub.
Opened 1923; originally a church.

Opera House, John Finnie Street
<Photographs courtesy of Gary Painter>

Facade only remains. Converted to church in the 1920s.

Palace Theatre / Corn Exchange, London Rd/Green Street
<Photographs courtesy of Gary Painter>

Originally opened as Corn Exchange in 1863. Converted to theatre use 1903.
Currently seats around 500. Rarely shows films. A-listed

Other cinemas
(thanks to Frank Beattie for the information)
The Empire:
Originally a theatre, it was converted to a cinema. It was next
door to the ABC Regal, but was destroyed by fire some time after its
conversion to a bingo hall in the 1960s.

The Plaza:
1940-1971. By far the top cinema in the area - the site is now
occupied by Marks and Spencer who had the Plaza demolished to extend their shop.

The Forum:
opened c. 1920, closed, I think, in the 1959 Site now occupied
by Kwik Save supermarket.

The Queen's: 
Riccarton, opened as a cinema in 1922 and closed six months
later. The building is now a community Centre.

The Electric:
opened in a former church in 1911 and closed in 1938 when the
building was demolished.

The Scotia:
later the Savoy and later still the Imperial, opened in 1920
and closed in the 1950s.

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