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Irvine Cinemas

Green's Picturedrome / Rex / George / WMR Film Centre
Bank Street

Photo courtesy Graham Kelly
Opened as the Green's Picturedrome, seating 708. Later called the Rex, and (from 1976) the George. William Mather ran it as the WMR from around 1983. Stadium style-arrangement.

Now a nightclub after a spell of dereliction.
Photo of the exterior after closure here.

Magnum Film Centre 
The cinema opened (along with the rest of the centre) on September 18, 1976.  Originally it showed only arthouse films thanks to a tie-in with the GFT, but this was not a financial success. The last film shown there was "Pollock" in early June 2002. Films are no longer shown, although the cinema can still be hired for private viewings, and the auditorium is regularly used as a theatre. Seating was 323 on opening, now 311 to give space for wheelchair users.

Pictures of the foyer courtesy Graham Kelly:

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