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Britannia Panopticon Music Hall
109 - 121 Trongate

Opened as a variety hall called Campbell's Music Salon in 1857, a conversion of the first and second floors of a warehouse building. Originally seated around 800 on wooden bench-style seating, with room for around 300 standing.

Renamed the Britannia in 1859, and again in 1887 as Hubner's Animatograph. Rebuilt as the Panopticon 1906, and became the Tron Cinema in 1922, before reverting to Panopticon again until closure in 1938.

Was used for cine-variety from around 1910, and finally closed as a cinema in 1938.

Upper level of original auditorium is still intact and largely untouched above amusment arcade. Many atefacts recovered; projections portholes and much more still in situ - see links to interior photos below.

Listed Grade A

Plans are afoot by the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust to restore and reopen the hall to the public again. For more information on the Britannia, and to join the Friends of the Britannia Trust, visit their website here.

See here for a selection of photos of the interior, taken on a 2002 Doors Open Day tour.

Thanks to the Trust, was given an opportunity to thoroughly explore the Britannia on 19th Feb 2003. Results are available here.

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